What Comes After Democracy?

If I said that the United States operates on the principles of individual freedom, and gives the utmost importance to protecting those core freedoms, you’d probably agree right? And that these freedoms and this system helped to create the most powerful country in the world, correct?

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AI Doesn't Know Your Intentions

We hear about AI in the news every day. “AI is coming for our jobs”, or “AI is going to take over the world and murder as all”, or even “AI company now valued at $100 Billion and getting ready for IPO.” I’m personally incredibly excited about the future of AI and how it can help us essentially solve every problem we could ever have. But that day could fall anywhere from 10–100 years from now.

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Current Trends For A New Billion Dollar Startup

Two important themes in our society have kept playing on repeat the past few years, particularly in America; I strongly believe that both represent billion-dollar opportunities for startups to address in a variety of ways.

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