Tradition Rules Everything Around Me: Rediscovering and Using Ancient Ideas Part 2

Tradition rules everything around us. We can't escape it, and we shouldn't.

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Rediscovering and Using Ancient Ideas: Part 1

The more control and rigidity you stumble for, the further away you get from what you want.

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Out of the Interface, Back To the Frontier

What happens to us when businesses decide to mimic human evolution?

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How Nature Flings Business over the Edge of Chaos

Complex, lifelike behavior is the result of simple rules unfolding from the bottom up. It’s how all life on Earth evolved. 3.5 billion years ago, increasing entropy enabled our first multi-celled ancestor to evolve from the primordial soup. To this day, us modern humans continue to benefit from and exploit this law of increasing entropy. Especially businesses. 

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On Uniformity, Disparity and Where We're Headed

When I was a kid, I loved baseball cards. In my after school YMCA program, I’d trade baseball cards with a friend, another kindred spirit who loved baseball just as much as I did (a lost art, since no one has the patience for baseball anymore). The trading was basic; you’d swap some duplicate card you had for something probably not that exciting. It was a monumental day when you came across an actual blockbuster trade.

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